Colourful Macarons

French Macarons

I spent lots of time in France in my 20's, and a lot of that was on the French Riviera.

The patisseries were amazing, and the French Macarons always caught my eye with their colourful displays and always looking so pretty.

Even on the luxury yachts I worked on the macarons always featured on the afternoon tea (which was always served with white gloved waiters and waitresses) and if we timed it right  there would usually be a macaron or two going spare.

So having seen some of the best macaron displays and tasted some of the best in the world you can understand my quest for macaron perfection.

I now bake French Macarons and offer a variety of flavours that are available as:

Gift bags 

Gift boxes

Limited Edition Boxes (seasonal)

"Cheers" box (cocktail flavours)

Ombre Macarons

Macaron Towers

Macaron cake

Bespoke Macarons (eg corporate colours)

I also offer:

One to one virtual lessons

Group virtual lessons

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